Xbox 360 Games Recovery-How to Deleted Files from Xbox 360?

“I am in a big trouble now. My brother and I are sharing one Xbox 360 and we always take turns to use it to play our own games. But this Xbox is very old, you know, it’s also stuffed with many games saves so I decided to clear some old saves and free some space from its hard drive. Very unfortunately, I just mistakenly deleted all the game files instead of deleting the useless ones including my brother’s. Has anyone of you ever lost Xbox 360 games saves? Is it possible for Xbox 360 games recovery on my PC?”

Generally, Xbox 360 has a hard dirve for storing all your favorite games saved from long back or demos of games and game collection etc. Sometimes you may accidentally performe format operation on your Xbox 360 hard drive when it is connected to your computer. Besides, there are various reasons to cause data loss for Xbox 360 hard drive.

* Deleting favorite games by mistaken
* Ejecting Xbox 360 hard drive while data transfer
* Xbox 360 hard drive is infected by virus
* Abnormal system shutdown

In these situation, you need to recover saved games from Xbox 360 hard drive.

No matter how loss or deletion of games from Xbox 360 hard drive has occured, you can recover them with the easy Xbox 360 hard drive recovery software. This software is the most used UFUSoft data recovery software to rescue deleted and missing games from Xbox 360 hard disk drives on Windows.

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How to Recover Deleted or Lost Data from Xbox 360 hard drive?

Step 1: Download and install UFUSoft Xbox 360 Data Recovery and run it on your desktop.

Step 2: Choose “Deep Recovery” option and select the Xbox 360 drive to scan for lost files.

Step 3: After scanning, preview to check the files which you need to get back and click “Recover”to recover lost data from Xbox 360.

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