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How to recover deleted or lost files in Windows 10?

Windows 10 is the latest operating system developed by Microsoft. Plenty of people tend to upgrade their OS to the Windows 10. However, some issues come with the upgrading. Dose this ever occurs to you? You recently have been upgraded operating system to windows 10, then suddenly find out that your data is gone for unknown reason. Actually, data loss happens a lot around the world. According to a report, nearly 89% users lost significant or not so significant data after the system upgrade. You might want to ask, is there a way to recover files in windows 10 after data loss?

Are you trying to find a free Windows 10 data recovery software and wanna use it to help you out of data dilemma? Losing data while upgrading Windows OS to Windows 10 can be one of the top terrible data disasters that may cause serious loss. Can you figure out simple or easy free method to restore important Windows 10 data?

I got my data in Windows recently lost. It was a study report. I upgraded my Windows into Windows 10 and it worked great. But a mistake operation got my report lost. It was moved thoroughly from my computer. I must find it. Do you have any recommended method? A free method will be highly appreciated.

Causes for Data Loss Trouble in Windows 10

Every time when Microsoft upgrades its OS, a new discussion will be aroused. And fans will update their OS into the latest version then. Troubles will also come later such as data loss problem. When you happen to get your data lost in Windows 10 or other OS versions, will you ask why? How do you lose your data? What may cause data loss problem?

Usually, data loss trouble under Windows 10 can be caused by following reasons and you may find which one causes your data loss:

1.OS upgrade or installation: sometimes OS upgrade or installation/reinstallation can cause data loss. To avoid this, you need backup up data.

2.Careless operation or improper operation: careless deletion, formatting or partition deletion can all make your data lost.

3.System error or crash: this is unavoidable when the system crashes or a system error occurs.

4.Virus/malware/spyware: virus attack can also cause serious data loss trouble.

How do you get your data lost then? Other unknown reasons? Indeed, some unknown reasons may also cause data loss trouble. How to solve such a trouble then when data get lost with Windows 10? Are there any free Windows 10 data recovery software can do the job? Sure!

Free Windows 10 Data Recovery Software

A 100% secure and free Windows 10 data recovery software can be really amazing for users to rescue their important data. Here we recommend you to try UFUSoft data recovery software. A free Windows 10 data recovery software – UFUSoft Data Recovery for Windows 10 enables you to restore whatever you’ve lost securely. Deleting, formatting or virus attacking etc troubles can all be solved by applying this software. How to use it? Download it and follow next three steps:

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Easy steps for Windows 10 Data Recovery

-Download and install UFUSoft File Recovery for Windows 10.

-Select windows 10 hard drive to scan.

Select windows 10 hard drive to scan

-Choose data type to scan.

-Tap “Recover” to restore data on windows 10.

1. If the computer is dead, relax, just take out the hard drive and connect it to another available computer, you can still restore your data by this program.

2. If your data hasn’t been found, make sure you choose the right disk and data type to scan again.

3. Just in case, please store your data to a new partition. This is the safest way.

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