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How to Recover Deleted Pictures/Videos from Sony NEX-FS700/FS100?

“I know this is off topic concerning Sony Vegas, but I respect the opiniona of the people who frequent this forum. I accidentally deleted some AVCHD files on my camera, a Sony NEX-FS700. I realized immediately I made a mistake and have not recorded anything on the card since this mistake. What are my best options to recover these files- the main files are a take over one hour long. These files are extremely important to me and I need a solution that is as close to no fail as possible. I really really need these files. Thanks for taking the time to read this.”

Data loss scenarios on Sony NEX-FS700/FS100 camera

  • Accidentally pressed the “Delete All” button and lost all images or videos on the camera.
  • Clicked the “Format” button by mistake and all movies/pictures lost.
  • You get your videos/images deleted which are supposed to have backup in computer but actually not.
  • The memory card of your Sony camera is corrupted and cannot be used.

There are many other errors that can cause photos or videos loss problem from Sony NEX-FS700/FS100 as well. When you encounter such problems, there’s no need to be frustrated. It’s possible to restore your valuable files from Sony NEX-FS700/FS100. All you need is a recovery program. Here you can try UFUSoft Sony Photo Recovery for Mac as the best Sony Nex-FS700/FS100 Data Recovery Software, which lets you retrieve pictures from Sony NEX-FS700/FS100 only in 3 steps. (And it also supports other Sony Alpha Nex cameras like Sony Alpha NEX-3, NEX-F3/C3, Nex-5, NEX-6, NEX-7, etc recovery)

How to Recover Deleted Photos/Videos from Sony NEX-FS700/FS100 camcorder?

Step1: Connect Sony NEX-FS700/FS100 to Computer

You can do it by directly connecting your camera to computer by USB cable or pull out the memory card and then connect it with a card reader. When connected successfully, your NEX memory should be shown as a removable drive on computer and you can read data on it.

Step2: Run Sony NEX-FS700/FS100 Photo Recovery Software

Get the UFUSoft sony recovery tool downloaded and installed on computer. After you run it, you will see its interface. Click “Recover Photo, Audio & Video” to proceed.

Step3: Select the Target Storage Medium to Scan

The software will detect any storage devices that are connected to your computer. From the detected drive list, choose the one represents your Sony NEX-FS700/FS100 and click “Scan Now” to allow the tool search for lost photos and videos on it.

Step4: Recover Deleted Pictures/Videos from Sony NEX-FS700/FS100

Preview the recoverable files when the scanning is finished. Select the ones you want to bring back and click the “Recover” button to retrieve deleted photos from Sony NEX-FS700/FS100 camera on one click.

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