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Windows 10 SD Card Recovery-Recover SD card data in Windows 10

As a new system, Windows 10 has many new useful features and therefore many users have installed this latest Windows 10 operating system. There might be several scenarios in which users lose their important data from their memory cards. For example – You have stored almost 1000 of images and some recorded videos on your 16GB SD card. But there are several unwanted pics and videos that you want to delete to free up some space. However, while selecting those photos and videos by mistakenly you have deleted some of your valuable and unique photos and videos too. Well, in this case you may feel disappointed and you look for the solution on how to get back those deleted files from your SD card on Windows 10? Well, before that let us know what are the common reasons due to which we lose data from SD card.

Causes for the Loss of Data from SD Card

* Accidental/mistakenly deletion of data form SD card is one of them.
* Virus attack to memory card is another reason which corrupts the data n leads to data loss.
* Formatting the card also lead to the lost of files from the card
* Interruption like disconnection of device, sudden shut down of system while transferring data from SD card to computer may also lead to data deletion.
* Using the same SD card on different devices may also lead to loss of data.

This is a common reason for losing data from SD card. Accidents can happen anytime; this is why it is important to backup data on a regular basis. If you had done that, then you could have restored files lost from your SD card. But you still don’t have to worry because, UFUSoft Windows 10 SD Card Recovery software will recover those files from SD card on Windows 10 computer in a short time.

Get back deleted or missing files from SD card on Windows 10 system easily using UFUSoft Windows 10 SD Card Recovery tool. The software scans the SD card, locate lost or deleted files and recover them in just few minutes. Media files like audio files, photos, movies, RAW photo files, and many other files will be recovered with ease. You can also customize the scanning process which is possible by choosing the file types you want to recover from SD card on Windows 10.

Whether the card was accidentally formatted when it was connected to Windows 10 system, ejected suddenly when file transfer was in process, or any other situation where data went missing / deleted from SD card, UFUSoft Windows 10 SD Card Recovery application retrieves them back in a secure way. Moreover, it is also capable of recovering data from other storage mediums such as hard drives, iPods, external USB drives, etc.

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Recover lost or deleted files with Windows 10 SD card recovery

Step 1. Launch UFUSoft Data Recovery for Windows 10 and select the file types you want to recover from the SD card.

Step 2. Select to scan the SD card to find all your deleted or lost files

Windows 10 SD card recovery

Step 3. Preview all the listed recoverable files found on the SD card and selectively retrieve those you want. Here you should save all the recovered files on a different drive or memory card in case of data recovery failure.

recover files from sd card on windows 10

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