Seagate Hard Drive Recovery,Recover Lost Data from Seagate Hard Drive

“I bought a seagate external hard drive about 4yrs ago. I came bck home this weekend to open some document that I had saved on it, unfortunately. Cldnt open it, the drive seem to be faulty. – Is there a solution to this in order to retrieve bck all my life work that was stored, even now that it showing blank.?

Seagate is a name associated with providing storage devices and in particular hard drives. But today the company is introducing a new service that aims to protect the data you put on hard drives as well as the drives themselves.

The reasons and symptoms of Seagate Hard Drive/Disks data loss

Some of the reasons and symptoms that can help to identify a failing hard drive: accidental reformatting, unable to access the Seagate hard drive, error reporting that the master disk failed, and the disk asking to be reformatted etc. The files from the Seagate hard disk can get lost due to many reasons and hard disk recovery remains the only cure. The users of Seagate models of hard disk must want to know the details of Seagate data recovery and also the chances of recovery.

Seagate external hard drive recovery software:

UFUSoft File Recovery for Mac is powerful data recovery software to solve all data loss problem with Seagate hard drive. This Seagate Hard Drive Data Recovery can retrieve files from Seagate hard drive lost due to accidentally deleting, formatting, corruption, improper operation, virus infection and other unknown reasons. In addition, the program supports many more storage media such as hard drive, CF card, P2 card, LaCie Hard Drive, USB flash drive, SD memory card, memory stick, mobile phone, digital camera, etc.

How to Recover Lost Data from Seagate Hard Drive?

Step 1. Download UFUSoft Seagate Hard Drive Data Recovery Wizard, install it and launch it.
Step 2. Connect Seagate device to computer. select the Seagate hard drive which was formatted and then click “Scan” to search.
Step 3. After scanning, there will be a list of formatted files. You can preview them.
Step 4. Mark the lost files you need to get back and click “Recover” to recover data from Seagate Hard Drive.

Tip: If you need to perform Seagate data recovery on Windows PC, using the UFUSoft Seagate File Recovery.

UFUSoft Seagate Hard Drive Recovery software can provide recovery on any size or model Seagate hard drive, including:

ST31000340NS, ST3750330NS, ST3500320NS, ST3250310NS, STM3320614AS, STM3160813AS;
ST31000340SV, ST3750330SV, ST3500320SV, ST3320410SV;

ST31000340AS, ST3750330AS, ST3750630AS, ST3640330AS, ST3640530AS, ST3500320AS, ST3500620AS, ST3500820AS, ST31500341AS, ST31000333AS, ST3640323AS, ST3640623AS, ST3320613AS, ST3320813AS, ST3160813AS.

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