How to Recover Deleted or Lost Files from Galaxy S8 or S8 Edge?

Asking solutions to recover deleted files from Galaxy S8 or S8 Edge:

“Is there any way to recover deleted contacts from my Galaxy S8 edge?”

“Can I retrieve safely the files corrupted or damaged in my Galaxy S8 phone?”

“I formatted by mistake some photos on my Galaxy S8 phone. How can I recover them?”

It could be frustrating when your important data on your Galaxy S8 or S8 Edge were lost. You may rely on your phone and do just about anything right from it, such as ring, text, email, take photos, download music or stream videos. There is no wonder that you can’t bear when your Galaxy S8 or S8 Edgebecomes lost, stolen, broken or the memory is accidentally deleted.

Luckily, you don’t have to be permanently lost, provided you act quickly to retrieve lost files using a data recovery program.

UFUSoft Android Data Recovery is what you’re looking for. It does a good job in recovering lost contacts, photos, text messages, videos and call history from Galaxy S8 or S8 Edge, as well as other Android phones and tablets on Windows PC or Mac. No matter what reasons you lost your data: accidental deletion, rooting, factory reset, or ROM flashing, it can get all data back. It supports all Android devices running Android Lollipop, 6.0 and newer, Android 3.0 to 5.0, Android 2.3 or earlier.

Free Download Galaxy S8 (Edge) Data RecoveryFree Download Galaxy S8 (Edge) Data Recovery

We’ll guide you through the easy process, and by the end you’ll get tips on how to backup to prevent from data loss
How to Recover Deleted Contacts, Photos, SMS, etc. on Galaxy S8 or S8 Edge?

Step 1. Connect your Galaxy S8 or S8 Edge to PC with a USB cable. If you haven’t installed USB driver for your phone on this computer, a Hardware update wizard appears, and follow the instruction to do it. Follow the guide outline on the software screen to enable USB debugging and turn on USB storage, and click “Next”.

 Samsung Galaxy Photo/Video Recovery

Step 2. An app Superuser Request appears on your phone, just click “Allow”. Then switch to the software — hit “Start” and select your file types for scanning.

Note: If you didn’t root your Galaxy S8 or S8 Edge, you can only undelete photos and videos. But if you rooted it, the contacts, messages and text messages can be restored as well.

Samsung Galaxy recovery

Step 3. After scanning, select the files you need to recover and click “Recover”. Then choose a location to save the recovered files.

Samsung Galaxy recovery software

Ways of Backing up Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Edge Files and Settings to Avoid Data Loss

Worried that you might lose important stuff on Galaxy S8 or S8 Edge? Back up Galaxy S8 or S8 Edge before you erase the storage, do a factory reset, or upgrade to a new phone.
Using Samsung Backup. Use the built-in Samsung Backup to back up your accounts, apps, settings, and more to the cloud so that it will be easier to restore them on Galaxy S8 or S8 Edge after a factory reset.

Other backup options. You can back up your text messages to the SD card on the phone, or save them as an email attachments. You can also save contacts to your Google account and you can just sync them. For files, you are allowed to manically copy and paste files by connecting Galaxy S8 or S8 Edge to your computer as a disk drive.

If unfortunately you lost files on Galaxy S8 or S8 Edge before you back it back, you can use UFUSoft Android Data Recovery to recover them.